​​Mamma Mia

New York Style Pizza & Italian Ristorante


Make it A Combo with Fries or Salad and Drink     $2.75

Grilled Chicken Wrap - Onions, Peppers & Cheese     $5.00

Philly Steak Wrap Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers & Cheese     $5.00

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Buffalo grilled chicken, grilled onions, and cheese     $5.00

Beef Wrap - Beef, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato     $5.00

BLT Wrap - Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese & mayo     $5.00 


Served with: Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle and Cheese.  Add Bacon and Mushrooms  $.50 each (mayo on request)
Make it A Combo w/ Fries or Salad and Drink     $2.75

Cheeseburger                                                                                              $4.25

Southern BurgerBacon, Mushroom, Grilled Onions & Cheese                            $4.50

Mamma Mia Burger ​- Grilled Onions, Mushrooms, Bacon, Ham & Feta Cheese   $5.50

Pizza Burger - Pepperoni, Pizza Sauce & Mozzarella                                                $5.50